Indulge in a regionally-inspired, in-the-field photography and food experience

While immersed in the awe-inspiring landscape of Banff National Park, we want you to take more than a photographed memory home with you, we want you to remember the experience for a lifetime.

Landscapes dawned in warm morning light, the native plants that grow in this extreme terrain, the smell of fresh pine, and a mouth-watering meal energized by the region’s food sources awaits you. We’ll help you wrangle the stark contrast between the sunrise-lit mountains, the not-yet-lit lakes that line their bases, and the bright yellows, oranges, and deep blues that paint the sky. Depending on your previous experience, we’ll teach you the best set-up and settings for your camera gear or geek out with you over the newest trends and techniques. 

You’ll see first-hand how to create jaw-dropping images with the Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures team then indulge your inner foodie at Canmore’s newest farm to table, or as we like to call it forage to table experience at The Sensory.

Tour Details

We make our way to Two Jack Lake, our first location to capture the sunrise on Mount Rundle. We’ll then head over to Vermilion Lakes to capture the unique beauty of the lakes cast in early morning light. As we continue our journey along the 1A highway towards Castle Mountain, there are opportunities to see elusive wildlife that makes this area of the park a sought after scenic drive. Arriving at Castle Mountain junction, our last stop, the Bow river sweeps by with a high current of glacial waters from its source, the Bow Glacier. Castle mountain is one of our favorites to photograph. Sometimes challenging to fit the magnitude of this scene in your camera's viewfinder, its beauty can be underestimated by the casual tourist. With the photography portion of this tour completed, we make our way to the Sensory Restaurant located in the town of Canmore along the scenic Bow Valley Parkway, known for it's wildlife.  This roughly 40 minute drive is a great opportunity to build up your appetite for the incredible meal to come! Our dining experience will last roughly an hour and a half. After our appetites have been satisfied with locally foraged fare, your guide will bring you back to your hotel in Canmore or Banff, depending on your tour option choice.

Dates Available

May 14 - October 15

(Tues | Thurs | Sat)


From $325 Per Person

guest limit

up to 10 participants

Tour Length

6 hours

Locations Include

Two Jack Lake

Vermilion Lakes

Castle Mountain 

Sensory Restaurant


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Taking inspiration from the landscape that surrounds its location in Canmore, Alberta, The Sensory uses fresh foraged ingredients to truly give you a local taste of what the region has to offer. You won’t get much closer to the source than our exclusive brunch menu after your tour.


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