Mark Unrau
Owner/Head Photography Guide

Mark Unrau is a National Geographic Traveler award-winning photographer, filmmaker and the founder of Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures. With over 20 years experience as a photographer, he has been published in LIFE Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, Canadian Geographic and other internationally published magazines. He has made the Canadian Rockies home since 2001.

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Photography Guide/Instructor

With seemingly endless energy to get the shot, Maxim has scaled mountain tops just to catch a glimpse of sunrise before most have opened their eyes. His passion and desire to share his photography skills is infectious!

Photography Guide/Instructor
Nick Fitzhardinge is an Australian-Canadian landscape photographer based in Canmore with a passion for mountain stories, exploring off the beaten path, and artistic expression. Initially, a 5-time working holiday visa holder, he has enjoyed seeing the Canadian Rockies from many different angles, so much so it is now his permanent home.
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