MARK UNRAU - Head Photographer

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Mark Unrau is a National Geographic Traveler award winning professional photographer, film maker and owner of Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures. He has been photographing landscapes and people professionally for over 20 years.

From working on award winning documentary in Tibet to backpacking through the deserts of morocco, Marks passion for the planet and the people that inhabit are the reasons he picks up a camera.

Mark is very approachable, honest and has a true desire to see you get the best possible photographs in the conditions you are in.

Some of his more notable publications are listed below.

All Roads Film Project - National Geographic
PX3 honorable mention

MAXIM - Photography Guide

With seemingly endless energy to get the shot, Maxim has scaled mountain tops just to catch a glimpse of sunrise before most have opened their eyes. His passion and desire to share his photography skills is infectious!

NICK - Photography Guide

Nick Fitzhardinge is an Australian-Canadian landscape photographer based in Canmore with a passion for mountain stories, exploring off the beaten path, and artistic expression. Initially, a 5-time working holiday visa holder, he has enjoyed seeing the Canadian Rockies from many different angles, so much so it is now his permanent home.