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Join National Geographic Traveler award winning photographer Mark Unrau for three mornings of one-on-one landscape photography instruction!


for up to two participants


We will pick you up from your accommodation in Banff, Lake Louise or Canmore and take you on a photographic journey to not only get you to the right location at the right time, but also to improve your photography skills. This experience is designed for any level of photographer. We will focus on what you skills you would like to work on and has opportunities to try out new gear to get better images.


Our Three Locations

Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed landscapes in the world...and there is good reason why. This iconic Landscape is imposing and in your face with the majestic Ten Peaks.

You and Mark will be here well before the crowds to set up at his favourite spot in the Canadian Rockies for sunrise! 

Two Jack Lake

From sky exploding sunrise's to wildlife such as Golden Eagles, Loons and the occasional Canada Goose gliding by in a perfect reflection, Two Jack Lake never ceases to offer amazing opportunities for the patient photographer.

Bow Lake

Feeling like you are in the middle of nowhere with hardly a soul for miles, Bow Lake, the source of the Bow River brings you the quintessential Rocky Mountain experience of rugged wilderness and many perspectives in which to photograph sunrise. 

Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Frequent questions

What is a private guided landscape photography workshop?

I'm a total beginner to Photography. Is that OK?

Does photography instruction have to be included?

Will we be doing lots of hiking?

Do you have landscape locations that are off the beaten track?

When do you typically start your sessions?

What does a private workshop with Mark typically include?

What kind of camera equipment do I need?

What kind of things will I learn during our private workshop?

What should I wear on this workshop?

When is the Three Peaks Workshop available?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

If you have an interest in photography (doesn't matter what level), do yourself a favour and book a workshop. You will not regret it. Worth the money, and the early start!

Noelene H

One of the best experiences i have had. Mark was very approachable and nice. He showed me some great techniques on making my pics better and they came out fantastic! I would definitely take again if i ever come back to Banff and i hope i do because the place is gorgeous!

Rita F

A serene sunrise at Two JAck

Mark Unrau captured this sunrise at Two JAck Lake to give you an idea of what experiencing the sunrise is like.

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