About Us

Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures is the premier provider of photography tours and one on one guiding in Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore. Dedicated to guiding all levels of photographer, we focus on providing our guests with an unforgettable experience in the world-class travel photography destinations in the Canadian Rockies, and Western Canada.

Director: Mark Unrau

Mark Unrau is an award-winning professional photographer, filmmaker and the founder of Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures.

Mark’s diverse portfolio and unique travel and landscape photography have taken him to the hills of Tibet, the depths of the Haida Gwaii forest, the infamous coastal Kalalau Trail and to the isolated and volcanic Galapagos Islands. Calling the Bow Valley home since 2001, Mark launched Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures in 2014 combining his passion for teaching photography and guiding visitors across the spectacular landscape of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Mark’s extensive Travel Photography has earned him international acclaim with accolades such as the Grand Prize from National Geographic Travelers World in Focus competition and awards from the Prix de Paris International Photo competition.

A photographer since 1998, Mark has contributed to the industry and featured internationally in magazines and articles.

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