Banff Wildlife

With its snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes and verdant forests, the Canadian Rocky Mountains is one of the most beautiful photography locations on earth. The driving force behind this ever-changing landscape is owed to its rightful owners, the wildlife. Due to its wide variety of ecosystems and habitats, Banff National Park is home to an incredible 53 species of mammals! Why did the bear cross the highway? Because we built it an overpass! We serve to protect and preserve our spectacular wildlife and learn to live side by side in the untouched natural beauty of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

From animal overpasses and underpasses to wildlife tracking and monitoring, Parks Canada performs a tremendous job in maintaining the national park as a natural and safe habitat. Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures focuses on landscape photography. However, if we do spot some wildlife we are happy to stop for you to take pictures from inside your vehicle, as long as the wildlife feel comfortable with our presence. Our photography guides will make the decision when we need to move on. We kindly ask that you respect the guides decision. Firstly - the pinnacle of wildlife encounters, an unforgettable sighting and a reminder that you truly are in Bear Country! From the mighty Grizzly Bear to the powerful Black Bear and all the cubs in-between they prove to be a breathtaking and stunning sight.

As the snow melts to make way for the lush green forests of the summer you may be lucky to spot the bears on your Rocky Mountain Photo Adventure. From the bold and the beautiful bears to the striking powers of an elusive predator, the Wolf.  The park is home to 45 wolves comprising five different packs. Spot the Cascade pack fearlessly venturing out across the cold icy front of Lake Minnewanka in the winter. After eradication from the park in the 1950s, wolves returned for good in 1982 and have been thriving in remote parts of the park ever since. The return of the wolves after a long absence sparks a natural shift and decline in the numbers of Moose in the park.

Venture further afield from Banff and your photography adventure could include this extraordinary mammal. The Canadian Rocky Mountains is home to two of the greater members of the cat family. The Mountain Lion aka the Cougar is a distinguished predator and the largest wildcat in North America. Leaping as high as 15 feet and as far as 40 feet, their powerful limbs award them a tremendous hunting technique. The distinctive Canada Lynx can travel across the deep snow of the mountains with its unusually large paws that act like snowshoes. Well adapted with excellent eyesight and hearing the Lynx make for considerable hunters and play an important ecological role.

Ever been stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work? Well here in Banff with a robust Elk population numbering in the thousands “ picture an elk jam along the bustling center street of Banff Avenue! Intent on eating the greenery in the locals' yards and escaping their predators the elk roam freely among the town. Picture the great bulls battling it out in the elk rut in the fall or the huge herds that gather along the Vermilion Lakes. Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures reminds you to observe your distance from all wildlife, always be prepared for animal encounters, and of course, do not feed the wildlife. Your guide is ready to teach you more about our wildlife, help you feel safe and prepared and impart some fun facts and stories about the wildlife.

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