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In the midst of a fog are you praying for sunshine? Looking out at the rain do you put the camera back on the shelf or seek out the reflections in the puddle? Does a blizzard mean discomfort or opportunity? Here in the vast dramatic landscape of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, the weather is not confined to seasons, no logical pattern does it follow nor is it defined by time. Experience the bursting sunlight, whispering winds, romantic rain and the magical mist all adding texture and dimension to your images. Join us in a perfect setting to pursue your photography dream. Some say ˜bad weather we here at Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures see only different types of lighting.


Often considered the most beautiful and inspirational period of the year, with its refreshing, colourful, vivid imagery and structures. From March to May we see the flourishing beauty of the environment; the snow-capped peaks melt to feed glacial lakes, flowers begin to blossom and the wildlife awakens.


A popular time to capture those postcard-perfect views. Spoilt for choice in the national parks remember that wide-angle lens for vast landscapes and big mountains. Underexpose and use a polarizer filter in the bright sunshine. Catch the wildlife in action with a fast telephoto zoom lens and choose a small aperture to capture the details.


Experience the quiet of the fall, the stillness of the lakes and the gentle warm breeze as the trees release their colourful leaves. Transcend the essence of the autumnal beauty; a polarizing filter to saturate the rich colour of the fallen leaves and adjusted white balance settings to warm the colour of the trees.


As winter approaches and the nights draw in, we turn to the beauty of ice and snow. Protect yourself, protect your gear and venture out into the winter wonderland of the Canadian Rockies for the reward of stunning imagery. Seize the sunset as it contrasts the icy lake or highlight the tones between snow and land with black-and-white shoots. Winter's frigid temperatures may chill the bones, but snow and ice lend a magical air to our natural wonders. Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures welcomes you come rain, snow or sunshine! Let us show you how to photograph the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies in any weather. 

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